MeaningCloud will unveil new customer profiling technology at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium

This technology leverages unstructured customer feedback from multiple channels to distill audience insights and create personalized relationships with customers.

26 JUNE 2015, NEW YORK
MeaningCloud will be presenting a new customer profiling technology at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York City. This technology allows brands to analyze unstructured feedback from social media, contact center interactions and surveys and distill a real-time mix of demographic, psychographic and behavioral profiling that enables personalized and relevant relationships with customers.

MeaningCloud will unveil their new automatic customer profiling technology, based on analytics of multichannel interaction, at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York City. This new functionality, delivered via easy-to-use APIs, lets MeaningCloud customers develop the next generation of Voice-of-the-Customer analysis and Customer Experience management tools.

To have actionable insights into how people are responding to a brand's new product, media campaign or quality of branch service, companies need to go beyond what is being said and understand who is saying it. Sentiment detection can give you a general impression of the positive or negative response to companies, products or brands, but that isn't enough. MeaningCloud's multichannel customer profiling can enable you to understand your audience and better serve their needs by content analytics to automatically extract demographics, behavior, attitudes, lifestyles from any channel (e.g. social media, call center, surveys, etc). The result is a holistic view of your brand and customer interaction, which enables you to discover timely insights about customer experience, understand the drivers and dissuaders of loyalty, create tailored open-ended surveys, hone marketing messages, match customer reaction to brand activity and predict customer response for a given demographic.

Learn more about MeaningCloud’s presence at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium 2015 (and get a 20% discount off your registration) at MeaningCloud’s blog.

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