Textalytics will be presenting its Meaning as a Service offering at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium

Textalytics will participate in the coming Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York, presenting how to apply its Meaning as a Service offering to unleash the Voice of the Customer (VoC) in the Financial Services industry.

The coming Sentiment Analysis Symposium, to be held next March in New York, will provide an unmatched opportunity to network and learn about the latest sentiment analysis technologies and how they can be implemented to create real business impact. Textalytics will participate,presenting how to apply its Meaning as a Service offering to unleash the Voice of the Customer (VoC) in the Financial Services industry.

A new edition of the Sentiment Analysis Symposium, an event series organized by industry expert Seth Grimes since year 2010, will be hosted next March 5-6 in New York. Despite its title, the symposium is not about Sentiment Analysis in a narrow sense. In fact, it is an opportunity to keep up with technologies and solutions that help discover business value in opinions, emotions, and attitudes in social media, news, and enterprise feedback.

The event is designed specifically to serve the community of professionals interested in Human Analytics and its business application. Moreover, its audience is integrated by a mix of experts, strategists, practitioners, researchers, and solution providers, which makes a perfect breeding ground for discussion and exchange of points of view.

Daedalus has recognized the quality and value of this conference, and decided to sponsor it through its Textalytics brand. Known as Meaning as a Service, Textalytics is Daedalus’ product offering Semantic APIs in the cloud. Compared to other offerings in the market, Textalytics does not only provide basic linguistic functionality (sentiment analysis, extraction of entities, text classification) but also verticalized APIs and semantic resources optimized for several industries and application scenarios (social media analysis, semantic publishing). Launched In July 2013, Textalytics is the easiest and most productive way to embed semantic processing in every application.

Textalytics will participate in the Sentiment Analysis Symposium presenting how to apply Semantic Analysis to Unleash the Voice of the Customer (VoC) in the Financial Services industry. A practical approach for extracting VoC information from all kinds of channels will be presented, including social media and contact center interactions, and for aggregating it around three main constituencies or dimensions:

  • Customer: profiling the customer and aggregating its interactions through different channels in a 360° view helps detect buying signals or support requests, identify its stage in a customer journey, detect churn and other risk potential, identify influencers, promoters and detractors, engage the customer and manage the conversation.
  • Product: building insights around problem/customer and solution/product dimensions help the company discover unmet market needs, generate ideas for new offerings, identify missing features in its products, assess customer satisfaction or compare against the competition.
  • Corporation: aggregating public opinion and media coverage around corporate reputation axes like innovativeness, leadership, social responsibility, or stock market sentiment, helps the company prevent reputation crisis, benchmark against its market and rebuild its relationship with the public.

Read more at Textalytics’ blog, and get a discount code for attending the Sentiment Analysis Symposium, courtesy of Textalytics.

"Voice of Customer analysis in the Financial Services has been limited by the practical impossibility to extract meaning from all the company’s interactions with its customers and markets. Email, phone and social media conversations have remained outside of the scope of typical VoC initiatives, which usually suffer from lack of reach, immediacy and spontaneity. Now, unstructured content storage and management, coupled with automatic semantic analysis, provide the basis for unleashing all the power of the VoC." Antonio Matarranz, Director of Marketing at Textalytics