Textalytics democratizes text analytics with new plug-ins, including an add-in for Excel

Plug-ins for the popular spreadsheet and the GATE platform add advanced integrability to the semantic analysis APIs

Textalytics, the text analytics API product by Daedalus, increases its integration capabilities with the addition of two new plug-ins. The first one is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that turns the most popular data analysis application into a sophisticated tool for information extraction, text classification and sentiment analysis on all types of unstructured content. The other is a plug-in for GATE, the renowned open platform for text processing.

Textalytics, the Meaning as a Sevice product by Daedalus, provides the easiest way to embed multilingual text analytics and semantic processing in any application.

Its model of open APIs provides on the one hand wide, horizontal content analysis functionality (e.g. sentiment analysis, classification) which can be combined to develop specific solutions. On the other hand, it incorporates a series of vertical APIs optimized for various application scenarios (e.g. semantic publishing).

Textalytics goes one step further to provide the easiest-to-use Meaning as a Service platform with a family of plug-ins designed to facilitate its integration in different scenarios. The first two are an add-in for Microsoft Excel and a plug-in for GATE.

These plug-ins (to be followed by others) and the current collection of SDKs for different programming languages, make Textalytics a truly plug-and-play text analytics platform, which brings increased productivity and the shortest time-to-market.

An add-in for Excel aimed at users looking for maximum simplicity and productivity

Business users needing to extract the meaning from unstructured content like tweets, surveys, news, etc. are increasing. These users still have difficulties to access text analytics tools as they are typically offered: specialized applications, open source programs, APIs, etc. To these professionals, who commonly use Microsoft Excel to analyze structured data, having an equally familiar and simple tool to analyze other content is paramount.

The new Textalytics plug-in for Excel allows anyone who uses a spreadsheet to perform text mining as well. The plug-in is connected to Textalytics APIs, so that by simply pushing a button (and without programming) anyone can detect mentions of people, companies or brands, classify by topic or analyze sentiment in unstructured content with a user experience fully integrated into Excel.

A plug-in for GATE intended for advanced application developers

GATE(General Architecture for Text Engineering) is an open source environment for the development of text analytics applications. GATE has become the standard platform on which companies and research organizations design the most sophisticated solutions based on language processing, and is the center of an active community dedicated to development and innovation.

GATE enables to design, prototype, share and evaluate text processing pipelines that incorporate various software components and linguistic resources provided by the community, in a collaborative and flexible manner.

Textalytics plug-in allows to integrate the Core APIs in GATE, so that they are immediately accessible from the development environment and can be combined with other resources. It provides the GATE community with a plug-and-play access to an advanced multilingual semantic processing functionality that is constantly improved.

The plug-in gives Textalytics users the ability to easily utilize GATE as development platform - enabling them to immediately access other components – and flexibilizing, accelerating and escalating their development processes for solution based on text analytics.

A collection of free plug-ins

The plug-ins for Excel and GATE, as well as others that will be published, are free for Textalytics users (even the consumption of the APIs has no cost in a wide range of scenarios).

With its collection of plug-ins and SDKs, Daedalus implements its vision of Textalytics as the easiest and most accessible semantic analysis API, and contributes to democratize the use of text analytics.

"Excel is the most used analysis tool for structured data in the world. With this Textalytics plug-in we want users to be able to extract the meaning of unstructured content in an equally easy way-" Antonio Matarranz, Chief Marketing Officer, Daedalus
"The plug-ins for Excel and GATE extend the integration capabilities provided by the SDKs that Textalytics had already been offering and will be soon complemented with plug-ins to perform semantic tagging from the most popular CMSs." César de Pablo, Product Manager, Textalytics