MeaningCloud turns unstructured content into actionable information

Textalytics rebrands to MeaningCloud and doubles down on customization and simplicity

MeaningCloud is the evolution of Textalytics, Daedalus' cloud-based text analytics product. In this new version, with a renewed identity and website, MeaningCloud bets on simplicity and the customization of the semantic analysis to the user domain, to obtain maximum accuracy. Thanks to its add-in for Excel -which makes text analytics available to any user- or its graphical tools to create custom classifiers, MeaningCloud goes one step further to democratize high-quality semantic analysis.

During the past year and half, Textalytics, Daedalus' semantic API product, has attracted a community of almost 9,000 users around the world, who have contributed with their suggestions and have devised innovative uses of semantic analysis in areas such as the exploitation of content or the analysis of the "voice of the customer".

Through the evolution to MeaningCloud, Daedalus moves closer to its "Meaning as a Service" vision of providing its users the easiest, most accurate and least expensive way to turn unstructured content (social comments, news, contact center interactions, or documents of all kinds) into actionable information, at the same time including the current demands of the market.

During the Textalytics stage, there have been two main learnings. The first was the need to open the semantic tools to non-developers, allowing non-technical users to analyze content in various scenarios. The second, that the quality of a semantic analysis project -in terms of accuracy, recall, etc.- depends on the level of adaptation of the tools to a customer's domain and context (his/her sector, brands, products, attributes of these).

To respond to these needs, MeaningCloud collects the latest developments of Textalytics and re-elaborates them into an easier, more adaptable and affordable offering:

  • An add-in for Excel and a repertoire of connectors and SDKs that make text analytics available to any user and developer
  • Graphical customization tools that give users the autonomy to adapt MeaningCloud's functionality to their domain and get maximum precision
  • An cloud-based offering in service mode, which provides the maximum flexibility and availability with minimum costs and risks
  • An updated roadmap, incorporating specific functionality for the analysis of the Voice of the Customer in multichannel scenarios
  • A new pricing scheme, with the most generous Free Plan on the market (up to 40,000 requests per month) and standard plans with an entry price of $99 per month.

In addition, with the new name the company dissociates itself from the pure functionality of text analytics -increasingly more standardized- and reaffirms its commitment to its concept of extracting the meaning from any content: opinions, intentions, user segmentation, etc. The applications of this approach are unlimited: from managing customers experience or monetizing content to monitoring an industry or handling massive amounts of records.

Read more in MeaningCloud's blog.

"The key to success in a content analysis initiative lies in the customization to the usage scenario. For this reason, MeaningCloud includes graphical tools that enable users to easily adapt our semantic engines to their context." Antonio Matarranz, Marketing and Sales Director at Daedalus